Thank you so very much.. the photos are amazing.. and will be loved and enjoyed by all..

Hey girl!  everyone loves them so far! they are seriously amazing!

Hey Missy, I’m so glad you were able to do ryders pictures again! They are insanely amazing! I went on your website too, and seriously you have a very unique gift.

You seriously have an eye people try and learn all their lives, its natural talent.

You are so amazing!

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone at work loves them!

What an amazing job you did.

We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  I’m so happy we found you to help us record our children’s lives ; )

Thank you so much for sending all the pics. They are all so beautiful. I already posted them book and loots of people are talking about what a great job you did.

What fantastic photos you took of our grandson.  You were able to show so many expressions and facets of this little guy.  Great job!!!!!

Oh my gosh i love that one too!!! they are all so cute!! i love them

Thank you so much! you have a gift girl 🙂  all my friends love my pictures and are jealous of them!  thank you so so so so so much!

O…M…G… you are so talented.

More great pictures!!!!  They are great……you are amazing!  Really loving the pics we have seen so far.

More great ones….we are loving them!  Looking forward to getting some prints for my frames at the house!

Melissa, the photographer you found for us, was such a delight and did a superb job of taking in all the surroundings and children/families.  Thank you for doing that for us.

Love them! You’ve captured so many of Rowan’s expressions!

Love them very excited to see more!! 🙂 I really love the hand heart one turned out awesome!! Family pic is great also!! Love them all !!! Thank you again!!

Like them, love them!!! I can’t believe you can see that through a tiny lens, u r truly gifted!

I’m so happy with the pictures! I put some on facebook and people are all asking about you!

I think i just cried.  i am one of those people that hates taking pictures and you have completely changed my mind, they are GORGEOUS. Thank you so so so much! i can’t wait to see more!

I hope you will do all our photos in the future.

It was a pleasure to meet you today.  I think you have a very special talent as a photographer.

Your photos make me happy and it will be such a pleasure to see them every day!